I don’t understand English! 空港でトラブル。英語が分かりません!


September 2, 2016

Where: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

What: Trying to get through Customs

Who: Ryosuke, a Japanese university student. He is visiting friends in the U.S.

Problem: Ryosuke doesn’t understand the Customs official’s questions.

This is a true story. Ryosuke just stood in front of the official. He couldn’t say anything. Then, he saw his friend! “Tomoko! Help me!” yelled Ryosuke.

Tomoko: What’s wrong?

Customs Official: Do you know this person?

Tomoko: Yes. He’s my friend.

Customs Official: Why is he traveling to the US?

Tomoko: We’re both visiting friends.

Customs Official: Where will he be staying?

Tomoko: At my friend’s house in Seattle.

Customs Official: How long will he be staying?

Tomoko: For one week.

Customs Official: Alright. Enjoy your stay.

Ryosuke: Thank you!

… … … … …

Action Item: Take a travel English course before you go abroad. It will help you to get through Customs easily.

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Enjoy your trip abroad!

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