Improve Your Pronunciation!

August 20, 2016

Hello, English language learners! Pronunciation is difficult, isn’t it!

I have spent over 20 years teaching English and pronunciation. I know what works!

Did you know that perfect pronunciation comes when singing?

That means that singing is good for pronunciation practice.

Rhythm and accent are practiced.

Vowels and consonants are clearer.

Carolyn Graham’s Jazz Chants textbooks are good for practicing pronunciation through singing and chanting.

Carolyn Graham lesson:

Mr. Ishizaki 石崎力也先生is a an expert on TOEIC skills. At his blog is an article about singer Bonnie Pink. She shares how lyrics and pronunciation are improved through singing in English. This article is in Japanese (日本語です)

Take Action!

1. Choose a song in English that you love.

a. Record your voice reading the lyrics of that song.  You can do this using

b. Record your voice singing that song. 

c. What differences did you notice? Is your pronunciation more authentic when singing? 

d. BONUS! Send your recording to Joy Fujii English! For a limited time, Joy Fujii English will check your recording! After recording your voice through, send your recording to joy.fujii.english


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Is this the Bullet Train?


August 14, 2016

When I first came to Japan, I could not understand Japanese at all.

A friend took me from Narita to Tokyo by train.

We rode several trains.

There were many train transfers.

I kept wanting to ask, “Is this train the Bullet Train?” But, I couldn’t say it in Japanese.

In English, “Shinkansen” = “Bullet Train.”

However, my friend did not understand “Bullet Train.”

As it turned out, all of the trains were sub-expresses and local trains, such as JR, etc. :–)

ご紹介How do you do?


August 13, 2016


初めまして。Joy Fujii Native USA English です。
Nice to meet you. This is Joy Fujii Native USA English.

I’m from the state of Minnesota in the US. I’ve been in Japan for a long time.

I’m a university teacher. I will be teaching English also from my classroom in Osaka Sayama.

Also, I teach online。

何か質問があれば、どうぞcontact usご連絡お願い致します。
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Let’s enjoy studying English!