Survival English: Scammed!


a scam: 詐欺 to be scammed: 〈人を〉だます

Recently, a teacher/marketer tried to scam me. It’s unbelievable. He sells business services. He lies about them. This is a terrible thing to do. A teacher should be honest, don’t you think so?

If you are in Japan, be careful. Japanese and people living in Japan are a target for scammers. This scammer lives in the US, but he is British. This is because some people in the US think that people in Japan are polite, so they are easy to scam (easy to trick).

How does a scammer behave?

How do you protect yourself when you travel to foreign countries, like the US?

In future posts, I will give you tips on how to avoid being scammed.

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Study English – Travel the World!

September 13, 2016

Hello, English language learners! There are many reasons to learn English! Today, let’s talk about making international friends!

After I graduated from university, I traveled to several countries around the world. It was the best experience in my life! I met many new people. I visited interesting places. And, most of all, I made lifelong friends! Many years later, I am still in touch with those friends!

Many young people are backpacking around the world. If you plan carefully, this can be a more inexpensive way to travel.

Youth Hostels
A youth hostel, for example, Hostel World, is an inexpensive place for travelers to stay. Often, you share a room with bunk beds.
… … …

Couch Surfing
If you’d like a little more privacy, maybe couch surfing is for you! You sleep on someone’s couch in their home! Couch Surfing

These aren’t the only options – there are many more! Do some research and choose the best, safest option for you.
… … … …

Short-Term House Share
Finally, usually a little more expensive, but often with more privacy and comfort, is Air BnB. You stay in a room in someone’s home. This is a nice way to meet local people where you are visiting.

Take Action!

1. Start learning English now. Learn some travel phrases that will help you get around in English.

2. Look for resources that will help you learn how to travel abroad. Here is one blog that tells stories about a female travel. It’s very interesting! Travelers’ Blog

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*Note. Photos are not necessarily connected to the businesses mentioned in this article. Joy Fujii English is not endorsing the businesses, nor the techniques of travel / accommodation mentioned in this article. Do thorough research before making your travel plans.

I don’t understand English! 空港でトラブル。英語が分かりません!


September 2, 2016

Where: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

What: Trying to get through Customs

Who: Ryosuke, a Japanese university student. He is visiting friends in the U.S.

Problem: Ryosuke doesn’t understand the Customs official’s questions.

This is a true story. Ryosuke just stood in front of the official. He couldn’t say anything. Then, he saw his friend! “Tomoko! Help me!” yelled Ryosuke.

Tomoko: What’s wrong?

Customs Official: Do you know this person?

Tomoko: Yes. He’s my friend.

Customs Official: Why is he traveling to the US?

Tomoko: We’re both visiting friends.

Customs Official: Where will he be staying?

Tomoko: At my friend’s house in Seattle.

Customs Official: How long will he be staying?

Tomoko: For one week.

Customs Official: Alright. Enjoy your stay.

Ryosuke: Thank you!

… … … … …

Action Item: Take a travel English course before you go abroad. It will help you to get through Customs easily.

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Enjoy your trip abroad!