Which is more natural? “What’s your name?” or “Hi, I’m _____”?


Many students just starting out learning English are taught to introduce themselves saying “What’s your name?” However, it’s not a very natural way to introduce yourself.

Unnatural introduction

A: What’s your name?
B: My name is Tommy. What’s your name?
A: My name is Tomoko.
B: Nice to meet you, Tomoko.
B: Nice to meet you too, Tommy.

More natural introduction

A: Hi, I’m Tomoko.
B: Hi, I’m Tommy.
A: Nice to meet you, Tommy.
B: Nice to meet you too, Tomoko.

Remember that when meeting someone for the first time, we say “Nice to meet you,” or “How do you do?” “Nice to meet you” is more casual and friendlier than “How do you do.”

Nice to meet you. = more casual
How do you do? = more formal

How are you? = X
Use this only after the second (2nd) meeting and after. It’s not for the first meeting, the introductory meeting.

The next time you meet the same person, and for all subsequent meetings, we say “How are you?” But, for the first time, “How are you?” is not used.

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